Current IT Training Initiatives.............

For the past several years colleges and universities throughout North America have come under increasing budgetary pressures. IT departments have been especially hard hit, with training budgets generally being the first resource to be sacrificed.

With this in mind, in 2004 Academic Services Group began developing special relationships with companies that provide IT training resources to the greater IT community. Each year ASG negotiates special discount procurement opportunities with these vendors on behalf of all institutions of higher learning in an effort to conserve limited institutional resources. ASG then makes every effort to share information concerning the availability of these resources through its newsletters and direct contacts within the academic community.

This program provides each participating university IT department with one year of access for their entire IT staff to 1,934 online courses covering 224 technical disciplines, collectively representing 4,639 hours of instruction. The special discount price negotiated by ASG for 2010 is just $695.00 per school - per year.

Many schools have been taking advantage of this program since its inception in 2004, and the outpouring of appreciation for this program from everyone in the academic IT community over the years has been most gratifying.

"George, your offer came at a very crucial time for us, given the heavy budget cuts that we have experienced here within the public education sector of the state of Georgia. We appreciate Academic Services Group offering this great discount pricing and we definitely want to continue to participate in your program. Please reserve our spot on your list of participating schools and keep up the good work on our behalf. Thank you."

Ed Boyd - Interim CIO - Georgia College & State University

"Your training is excellent! It is current, convenient, reasonably priced and very relevant to what is happening in the real world. Your training resources have been of great value to our IT department here at Northern Michigan University”

Felecia Flack - Director of Consulting & Support Services - Northern Michigan University

"Your training offer really saved us, because we simply could not afford to send our staff, most of whom are new, to outside training. When it’s budget-cutting time (like now!) training is one of the first things to get the axe. But as we all know, technology is constantly changing and we’re all having to learn new skills all the time. When you add in the convenience of online training, and the amazing range and depth of your courses, the decision to go with Academic Services Group was a no-brainer.”

David Taylor - Director, University of Texas Health Science Center, Dental Branch

"The online IT courseware from ASG is a tremendous asset for my team of Microsoft Systems Engineers. The course content is targeted to the learning objectives that my team needs in order to stay current with the ongoing evolution of Microsoft's server operating system. ASG provides an exceptional value to those looking for online course materials for IT professionals."

Brian Bolt - Office of Information Technology, Boise State University

For further information or to apply for participation for your school IT department please contact:

George Murphy